The Mohel is Here!

As an expert Mohel for 50-plus years, I’ve performed nearly 40,000 circumcisions. I am proud of my reputation as the “Go-To-Mohel” recognized not only for my surgical technique and use of topical anesthesia, but for my calming nature, willingness to accommodate the needs of a family and my openness to nontraditional families. Although home-base to me is the Pennsylvania area, I will travel just about anywhere I can get to by car (or motorcycle if the mood strikes), be it Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland or Washington. I am happy to serve the entire East Coast.  It would be my honor to serve as Mohel to your newborn son.

“ Thanks to Joel, the whole experience was much easier than I thought
it was going to be. ”
• • •

“ We wouldn’t have used Joel if he wasn’t the best. ”
• • •

“ Your relaxed demeanor was inspiring and confidence-building. ”



Mohel Joel Shoulson  610.747.0242  800.700.JOEL

We pray that our children look upon
their Jewish Heritage not as something
to be taken for granted, but rather as something to be discovered, to
appreciate, to challenge and to share
with their children after them.